Monday, March 1, 2010

Vietnam War Memorial: The Women's Memorial

The Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C. is more than just the infamous wall of names.
It actually has two statues that are considered part of the memorial, too.
The statues are called the "Women's Memorial" and "The Three Soldiers".

I photographed all three elements of the Vietnam War Memorial on the same day, but I wanted to divide each part of the memorial into its own post.

You may (or may not) notice that I don't have any "traditional" shots of the women's memorial posted.
I'm not against traditional shots at all.  Matter of fact, I always take one traditional shot.  However, whenever I photograph anything, I like to walk around it, look at it from above and below, and from multiple angles until I literally feel an emotional response to what I'm seeing.  When I feel that inside me (and I realize not many people "feel it" so I'm probably a little odd), then I know that's the shot I need to take. 
The beauty about art, nature, memorials, etc. is that if you really take the time to walk around it, examine it, and look at it from different view points, you can pick up entirely different meanings from each view point.  It's pretty powerful.

Okay, okay ... on to the pictures.

Click on individual pictures for full-size.

(On this shot, I realize that the "tear" streaking down the soldier's face is a bird dropping, but I really liked the symbolic feel it had of being tear-like.)

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