Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I made a trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania this past weekend.

Gettysburg is the location of the most well-known battle of the Civil War and is also where Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address.  It was incredibly humbling to walk the miles and miles of battlefields, to ponder upon the loss and pain that happened there, and to think of the impact it has had on this country and humanity.

Interestingly, I decided to go to Gettysburg on a rainy, overcast day.  I had a feeling that the bleak, gray skies would really add to the atmosphere and would create some beautiful photographs.  So, I packed my pair of galoshes and trekked through the wet, puddle-filled, and muddy fields.  It was definitely worth it because I love how the pictures turned out.

There's many photographs in this sampling, but it was just too hard to keep this a small sampling.


Sara said...

Love them all. I really love the one of the cannons with the fall leaves on the ground. I'm glad you got all of these before it rained. I think the cloudy weather actually adds something to the picture (maybe drama? intensity?).

Cluff Photography Portfolio said...

I love them, too. Best decision I made was going on a rainy day. I think it really brings out the emotion and somberness of the place.