Thursday, March 18, 2010

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the United States is located across the street the United States Capitol and from the Library of Congress.  It's a really beautiful building that is actually quite simple in design.

I've been fortunate to watch two cases argued before the court in addition to touring the building.  This sampling is actually from three different times I visited the Supreme Court.  Most of the photographs are outside because there isn't much on the inside to see.  Photography isn't allowed in the courtroom and there's just not that much in the actual building itself.  The shots inside of are of the ceiling as it had a very interesting patten and also of the spiral staircase which is actually quite a famous staircase.


Sara said...

I was trying to keep track of which ones were my favorite so I could mention it, but I noticed I was picking all of them. So 1-9 were my favorites. I guess I am partial to number 5 with the flag in the background and I love the colors in the spiral stairs. But they are all amazing, as usual! Great job Emilee! :)

Cluff Photography Portfolio said...

Thank you.