Monday, March 1, 2010

Vietnam War Memorial: The Wall

This is part three of three on the Vietnam War Memorial.
These photographs are on the wall portion of the memorial.

I think the wall portion of the Vietnam War Memorial is a wonderful place to take pictures.  Not only is it incredibly humbling to read thousands of names of real human beings who lived and died for our country, it is also an incredibly esthetically beautiful memorial.
I'm particularly drawn to taking photographs that capture reflections in the wall.  It was a really meaningful experience to be able to capture (what I feel) is some very good, quality images.

The layout of the pictures below is progressive.  The first picture is the beginning edge of the wall and the subsequent photos capture more and more of the wall and what is reflected on its surface.  The final photograph is the book that contains the names of all the victims that are on the wall.

Click on an individual picture to see full-size.


Taryn said...

Wow, that reflection picture is stunning. Wouldn't it be cool to get the reflections of some of the grandchildren of the Vietnam vets while they look at the wall? It is interesting that they made the wall so reflective...I'm sure this was intentional.

e cluff said...

That would be interesting! I have many shots where tourists are reflected in the wall, but they lack any good meaning. It'd be great to try it with people who have a personal relationship.