Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tidal Basin

Well, I lied.
I said in my previous post that it was the last edition of things pertaining to the Tidal Basin ... well, here's one more!  Plus, the Tidal Basin is lined with Japanese cherry trees (sakura) and in a few short weeks, it'll be the National Cherry Blossom Festival.  I am definitely planning (or hoping) to photograph that, so there will be more Tidal Basin pictures coming.

As for this post, I was sorting through my pictures and I really liked the three I'm going to post in this sample, but I didn't want to include the first two with the Jefferson Memorial post since these photos aren't actually at the memorial itself, and the third picture (which is my favorite) isn't part of any of the other memorials that line the Tidal Basin.

The first two pictures are taken from the 15th Street SW side of the Tidal Basin looking towards the Jefferson Memorial.  The third picture is of a Japanese cherry tree that is on the Tidal Basin path.

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