Monday, March 8, 2010

Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle is probably best known for being a very trendy area of Washington, D.C.
The neighborhood is rich in culture, commerce, and entertainment.  It also has stores, museums and a beautiful park.

I took most of these photographs at the park/fountain in Dupont and the last picture is of a museum (Jewish War Veterans Museum) I visited that is located in the neighborhood as well.


Trina said...

I LOVEEE these!!!! I was wondering, though, if the water is really that GREEN!? lol

e cluff said...

Thanks, Trina!

Trina and I are friends, so I actually answered this question on facebook, but if anyone comes across this and is wondering the same thing:

YES, the water REALLY is green (and quite gross actually). What I did in terms of editing these pictures was: I increased the shadow all around and then increased the highlight on the statue. Doing so intensified the green of the water a little but not much! The water really is quite disgusting, but at least it makes good pictures!