Saturday, February 27, 2010

Record Breaking Winter Storms

This winter, Washington, D.C. (and many areas of the East coast) were pounded with major snow storms that shattered centuries-old snow records.

There were two particular storms -- one in December and one in February -- that were particularly bad. 
These pictures are from those two storms.

The first two pictures (with the blueish hue) are from the most recent February storm.
I took these pictures just as evening was starting to fall.  I had to shovel the walk four times that day!

The last two pictures were taken during the December storm.
I took these pictures in the morning, which explains their much lighter coloring.

Interestingly enough, both storms froze the United States flag that hangs outside of the place I'm currently renting.  While some may argue that it is wrong for the flag to be up in such weather, I can't help but think it is incredibly beautiful in such conditions.

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