Saturday, February 27, 2010

Marine Corps Memorial/Iwo Jima Memorial

The Marine Corps Memorial (also casually called the "Iwo Jima Memorial") is amazing!

It is so much bigger than any picture would ever lead you to believe.
It's location right next to Arlington National Cemetery makes it very accessible as well.

The day that I shot these photos (in September 2009), I made the choice to stay well past dark in order to get some sunset and after-dark shots.  The walk back to the metro alongside a very dark trail was a bit scary, but definitely worth the results.  Here is a small sampling.

Click on the individual images to see full-size.


Taryn said...

Emilee, I am SO glad you are doing this. You know how I feel about your are an artist and I'm so excited that you are sharing your talent with the world! Seriously, awesome.

e cluff said...

Thank you so much. :)