Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Holocaust Museum (Arthur's P.E. shots)

One of my coworkers at the Holocaust Museum (and one of my favorite people, ever) had me take some shots of him in the permanent exhibition at the museum.

Exhibition space at the museum is under a strict no photography policy, but we were given permission to shoot in there. What a great opportunity.

This is just a start to the pictures I took. I still have more to edit, so I may add a second post, plus, I'm planning on shooting one more coworker in the exhibit next week.


Taryn said...

What a moving set of photographs. I'm sure Arthur will be pleased with the results. How cool that you got to shoot in the photography restricted area of the museum!

What are P.E. shots?

Emilee Cluff Photography Portfolio said...

Taryn: It really was a great opportunity and I loved being able to do it for such a great person, too.

The "P.E." stands for Permanent Exhibition which is the main exhibit in the museum. The staff always refers to it as "The P.E." though.