Thursday, January 13, 2011

2010 Highlights

I recently made a collage of sorts of some of my favorite memories of 2010 and I thought it'd be fun to post the pictures I selected for that collage here.

All of these pictures were taken (by me) in 2010 and are definitely the highlights of the year.

(Multiple trips to my favorite city: NYC.)

(First trip to Philly.)

(One of my favorite past times: art!)

(Watching two cases tried before the Supreme Court and being number one in line!)

(The Met, NYC.)


(Cherry blossoms.)

(The Sacred Grove, Palmyra, NY.)

(Amish Country.)

(Working a special job at the U.S. Capitol and riding the "secret" subway under the Capitol.)

(Bloody Lane, Antietam.)

(D.C. at night.)

(Philly again!)

(Ever increasing my visits to new museums -- in this case, the Newseum.)

(Working for singer Matisyahu multiple times!)

(NYC again!)

(Shooting The Meetles, NYC.)

(Going on my second tour of the White House and receiving cookies (of the First Dog) from the White House kitchen!)

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