Thursday, December 2, 2010

Smithsonian photo contest

Yes, I know that I have been horrible at updating my portfolio for the last month or so.
I've been really busy working on a massive application that has taken all of my attention (even when I wasn't working on it).  I'm sorry!  I'd say I'll be caught up this weekend, but my plate is pretty full, so let's aim for getting caught up by Christmas!

As for today's post, it's a big one!

I recently entered Smithsonian Magazine's 8th annual photo contest.
I highly doubt I'll win, but it was fun to enter.
Here's some of the images I entered:


Taryn said...

Exciting! I hope you make it because these are some lovely pictures. Good for you!

Kate said...

I'm "borrowing" your palin/voldemort picture to use in a blog post BUT I went and found the version with your watermark on it. It's linked here and credited to you - but I will totally take it down if you're not comfortable with it (katesullivanblog dot com).

Edra Davidson said...

I my hell! I had to swear your photography is so amazing. I hope you win.
Wait, you can win, right?
I wish we lived near each other. I think we could have fun together.