Saturday, December 11, 2010

Matisyahu: 9:30 Club (D.C. Show)

I recently was asked to photograph Matisyahu for the Festival of Light tour at Rams Head in Baltimore.

The concert -- which was my third time photographing him -- was on December 7th.
As I was getting ready to post a few pictures from this most recent show, I noticed that I had never posted more than a couple of samples from the second time I shot Matisyahu (at a show at D.C.'s 9:30 Club).  So, before I post the pictures from Rams Head, I figured I'd post a few favorites from a couple months back.

A few shots from the Matisyahu 9:30 Club show (Aug. 26th):

You may notice that most of the shots from this show are in black and white.  While there's some dynamic color shots, I definitely prefer most from this show in black and white.

Rams Head pictures will be the next post.

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M said...

I especially love the third photo (with the light next to his head) and the fifth photo (the one with his foreshortened hand that is outstretched toward the camera). Very nice pics, Emilee.

Emilee Cluff Photography Portfolio said...

Thank you! I love both of those shots, too (especially the third photo)!
I really appreciate your compliment!