Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I recently went to Philadelphia. 
Wow, what an amazing city!  So much to do and so many things to take pictures of!

You may notice that a couple of the shots are very similar or are in different shades.  I found that there were a few shots that were of the same place, but the sky/clouds/etc. were a bit different and I had a hard time deciding which one I liked best (so I posted both!).  Or, in other cases, I couldn't decide which coloring scheme I liked best (so, again, I posted both!).

Finally, yes, Independence Hall was covered in scaffolds when I went.  Just my luck!  I tried to make the best of it by either flat out including the scaffolds in the picture or trying to work around them. 


Sara said...

I love your photography. Whenever I see your pictures, I always see some I would love to have hanging in our library or something.

My personal favorites are the 4th picture with the flag and the statue (I love the light on the statue). Also the zoomed in picture of the clock. I have a weird thing for clocks. I think they are cool. And of course the bell.

Nicely done!

Taryn said...

I too am in love that clock shot. So cool!