Saturday, September 4, 2010

From around the yard

I am so behind in posting to my portfolio.  So behind.
I think I'm going to do a bunch of posts right now and get caught up.

Life has been particularly crazy this past week.  You know those kind of weeks?  Yikes.
I'm hoping, then, by updating the portfolio I'll feel more settled again.  I also really need to get to work on the Matisyahu D.C. show pictures (I haven't been able to even touch them besides the few I edited for a teaser!).

Anyway, this sampling is just a few shots from around my house and yard.  Nothing in particular, I just had a craving to take pictures.  The thought of not taking pictures for more than a few days drives me crazy.  Thus, an impromptu photo shoot of the yard tonight.  Enjoy!

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