Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Oak Ridge Boys

Matisyahu isn't the only musician I've photographed.  Matter of fact, a couple of years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph and contribute to a news article written on a concert by The Oak Ridge Boys.

I'm not a country music person at all, but The Oak Ridge Boys have a special place in my heart.  See, my dad was a huge fan of theirs, so I have many childhood memories of listening to their music.

Photographing them and contributing to the article was a really fun opportunity.  I'm also including a picture of myself with the group before the show.  I believe I said to them, "I'm a huge fan" upon meeting them (my, how original), ha!  I'm also going to include a video I shot of them performing their hit, "Elvira".  Be sure to pay special attention to the part around 1.33.


Stooball said...

Your photos are breathtaking, I was just scrolling through your blog with all these beautiful recent updates.

I also played the Elvira performance, brought a smile to my face

Emilee Cluff Photography Portfolio said...

Thank you!!