Thursday, July 22, 2010

Matisyahu (Baltimore show)

I recently had the amazing experience of being selected by Matisyahu to photograph a concert he gave at Pier Six Pavilion in Baltimore.

It was an incredible experience!  Matisyahu is one of my favorite musicians so it was a thrill to photograph him.  It was definitely one of the best photography experiences I've had (if not the best) and I'm excited about the shots I got.

Because I have so many shots that I really like, I may end up doing a couple of posts.
While editing the pictures, I did a standard that I do quite often: I put many (but not all) of the shots in color, black and white, and a variant of sepia.  Converting a copy to black and white is a norm for me, but I don't do sepia as often.  I found in the case of Matisyahu, that the camera loves him in a variant of sepia (a shade that is specifically in between sepia and black and white).  This color scheme really makes him pop.  Overall, I'm thrilled with all of the shots and color tones.  Here's a few favorites:

(I recommend clicking on the images and looking at them in larger context -- they look even better that way.)

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Taryn said...

E: These are amazing. You did a phenomenal job. I am so happy for you!