Sunday, April 4, 2010


Most of my grandparents passed away several years ago, but I do have one grandparent that is still alive.

Grandpa (as I call him, wink) is an interesting character.  When I was a young child, he was a teaser and brought me to tears many times, but as an adult, he and I have a very close relationship.  He's led an interesting life, loves Chuck-O-Rama, and is always fun to be around.

He lives in Utah, so I don't see him often anymore, but I did get to see him in December.  He was gracious enough to let me photograph him.  Here are some of my favorites.

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Taryn said...

I haven't commented on these yet for some reason, but I want you to know that these pictures are some of your finest work. These photos of your grandfather are so poignant. They capture a piece of his soul--I mean, for me, they create a sense of familiarity despite the fact that I have never even laid eyes on this wonderful old man until looking at these pictures--some how he almost feels like kinfolk to me now. I also love that fact that your grandpa was willing to work with you in a collaborative effort to produce some very genuine, candid images of his life. I don't know how many people are comfortable enough with themselves to allow that to happen. What an amazing person! I'm so glad that you took the time and made the effort to create this record of who your grandfather is--well done!